VeloCote will last many years as it will permeate the porous structure of your bike and its substrates. The underlying layers of your bike provide a surface for absorption during the application process, and once it’s applied VeloCote is bonded to your bike. To experience all the benefits of VeloCote working at full capacity, a reapplication is recommended based on how often you ride your bike.

  • For a bike used 3 or more times per week, we recommend you apply VeloCote every year.
  • For a bike used 3-4 times per month, we recommend you apply every 2 years.
  • For a bike out a handful of times per year, we recommend you apply every 3-4 years.

For a full list of ingredients, check our product page or your VeloCote wipe package. The short answer is that it’s a ceramic coating specially formatted for bikes. However, it’s important to note that the thickness build and coating of VeloCote is much thicker than a ceramic coating used in the automotive or aviation industry. What this means is that VeloCote will provide a far superior result than any other type of ceramic technology.

Generally there’s no reason why you would need to remove VeloCote from your bike, and it would be very difficult to do so as the chemical bond that takes place is extremely strong and durable. If you find yourself needing to remove VeloCote from your bike for any reason, we recommend that you get in touch with our team so we can walk you through the process directly.

Other products on the market may claim to do what VeloCote will do, but they simply wash off. There are no other products on the market that can offer the bond of durability and longevity provided by VeloCote.

Yes, VeloCote is indeed environmentally safe. Once VeloCote is cured, it permanently bonds to your bike’s substrates. Unlike most cleaners, waxes, and protection products, which can be known to contaminate water tables and other water systems, VeloCote does not wash off. VeloCote stays on your bike and out of the surrounding ecosystem.

All bicycles old, new, or otherwise can benefit from a VeloCote application. However, if you have an electric bike we recommend that you purchase an extra pack of wipes to effectively cover any extra components your bike may have.

VeloCote works by adding a durable coating of ceramic technology to the finish of whatever it is applied to. This ceramic coating makes it more difficult for mud, muck, grime, and grease to stick to your bike—anything that does manage to stick will be easily wiped or washed away.

While it is possible to apply VeloCote incorrectly, there are easy solutions as long as you intervene before VeloCote has fully cured. The top two issues during application are:

1. An undesirable sheen to your bike.
This means that you probably did not use a microfiber cloth to blend the VeloCote evenly before it starting curing. Blending before the curing process ensures a more even sheen.

2. Trapped dirt in your VeloCote coating.
This means that you probably did not clean your bike properly prior to application. Rather than having a nice clean surface for application, the VeloCote wipe is just moving dirt around. If you encounter this issue, you will need to remove the VeloCote with alcohol before it starts to cure and and start over with the cleaning stage.

To ensure you do not encounter any issues with your VeloCote application, always make sure to follow the instructions carefully and clean your bike very well before applying.

Most bike shops should be able to help you with your VeloCote application, but it’s best to reach out ahead of time to ask. We cannot guarantee that your local bike shop will apply VeloCote for you, but our team is happy to help walk you through the process if you run into any issues on your own.

The main (and most attractive) benefits of VeloCote are decreased grime buildup, reduced ride resistance, effortless bike cleanup, remarkable hydrophobicity (water repellent), and oil and mud repelling.

We haven’t encountered any downsides to adding VeloCote to your bike maintenance routine. Whether it’s an old vintage bike and you’re looking to preserve the patina and finish, or a brand new bike fresh from the manufacturer, you can always benefit from the dirt and grime repelling barrier of VeloCote.

The length of your VeloCote application will depend on how dirty your bike is. On average, it takes about an hour to apply VeloCote, but this does not include time spent cleaning your bike prior to application. A dirty bike will add another 1-2 hours to the application process depending on how thoroughly you clean it—the more thorough, the better!

VeloCote can be used on cycling accessories such as helmets, shoes, and components attached to your bike like bells, bottle holders, and clip-ins. We recommend keeping a clean microfiber cloth handy for smoothing out the sheen during application.

Any amount of extra weight on a bike will decrease your speed—that includes things like mud, dirt or grime. VeloCote actively works to repel grime from adhering to your bike ensuring a smoother, swifter ride (we like to call it CleanSpeed!).

While we wish we could claim that VeloCote increases your cycling ability, unfortunately it does not. However, practice makes perfect so get out there and keep on riding!

The beauty of VeloCote is that once it has been applied to your bike, it requires no maintenance to keep repelling dirt and grime. Cleaning and wiping your bike down after rides will help you to maintain your bike and VeloCote makes that cleaning routine quicker and easier.