What is VeloCote?

VeloCote™ is a bicycle coating wipe that helps keep your cycle cleaner by providing a long lasting wicking and repellent shield against grime, dirt, oil, and water. The results? A faster, smoother ride, and effortless maintenance.



VeloCote’s proprietary technology creates a high tension zero pore structure of protection. Each wipe creates a protective membrane coating on your bicycle that repels water, dirt, and grime and cuts down on resistance so you can ride farther faster.

Depending on your cycling frequency, a single wipe will protect your bike for 1-3 years.



VeloCote is not your average bike maintenance product. There have been unbelievable advancements in the cycling industry the past decade but the surface tension and pore structure of a bike's frame and components have never changed - until VeloCote.

VeloCote is the first easy-to-use wipe that makes a dramatic difference in your cycling experience from riding to racing to cleaning to overall maintenance.


VeloCote is an awesome product, it was quite surprising how noticeable the product worked and did what it said it does. I highly recommend it for any cyclist!

Riely Nowak

VeloCote makes my post ride washing that much easier! I love how easy I can wash off all the grime after a muddy trail day. I can’t wait to use VeloCote on my other bikes next!

Cameron Timm

I applied VeloCote as instructed to my mountain bike. I ride on extreme trail rides rain dirt and mud. Even dried on mud comes off with ease from a garden hose and a quick shammy to a like new finish. This product has lasted over a season of intense riding. I would endorse this product.

Ward P.

I’m a female cyclist in Michigan and last year had my bike coated with VeloCote. I love it! My bike was so shiny it looked just like new. And after riding on the often wet & muddy roads, I am able to simply wash the bike off with a hose and water and it looks great again! I would highly recommend this product.

Karen Reenders